Conflict Strategies Inventory 3ed - Facilitator Set

Conflict Strategies Inventory 3ed - Facilitator Set

Extensively revised and in full color, the new facilitator guide makes preparation a snap with updated references, improved statistical analysis using current normative data, background information, step-by-step half-day workshop guidelines, and a skill-development module. Also includes sample participant materials and a HRDQue Card, as well as a flash drive containing facilitator support resources and a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

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Conflict Strategies Inventory is a soft-skills training program on conflict management strategies, based on the Blake and Mouton Styles Grid. The assessment identifies an individual's preferred conflict strategy, examines each strategy, and enables individuals to develop an action plan to put learning into action.

The full-color Facilitator Set provides everything you will need to hold a successful Conflict Strategies training workshop. Each Facilitator Set includes:

  • The Conflict Strategies Inventory Facilitator Guide
    • A comprehensive background
    • Step-by-step facilitator instructions
    • Skill development module
    • Hands-on activities
  • Sample Assessments - Paper, Online, and Online Self-Study
  • Sample Participant Workbook
  • One Conflict Strategies wall poster
  • One HRDQue card
  • A flash drive containing a professional PowerPoint presentation.
Certification not required to administer or facilitate. Order one per trainer.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Program Overview
  3. What to Do First
  4. Theories of Conflict
  5. Five Conflict Theories
  6. References
  7. Administering the Assessment
  8. Scoring and Charting the Assessment
  9. Understanding the Ten Conflict Situations
  10. Technical Development
  11. Workshop Preparation
  12. Workshop At-a-Glance
  13. Module 1: Understanding Conflict
  14. Module 2: Practicing Conflict Resolution
  15. Module 3: Development Planning
  16. Module 4: Putting it All Together
  17. Appendix

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