Corporate Culture Survey Article - Digital License

Corporate Culture Survey Article - Digital License

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A Discussion Starter
Second Edition
Developed by Rollin Glaser, EdD

In every organization there is an informal communication network. With each official message comes the unofficial interpretation. Several characters in the cultural network do their part to spread the message. Among these are storytellers who keep the legends of the company, whisperers who ingratiate themselves with powerful figures, and gossips who reveal current events in the organization. Each of these characters (and others) play his/her role in transmitting and sustaining the corporate culture.

The purpose of this Survey is to assist you and your group in a discussion about the strength of your organizational culture. Culture may be defined as the fabric of shared values and beliefs that are of paramount importance to a given organization. Both employees and outsiders recognize the organization as being characterized by these values and beliefs. By sharing your thoughts, you may be able to shape your organization’s culture in ways that will enhance its competitiveness and your on-the-job satisfaction.

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