Dealing With Tough Negotiators - Starter Kit
Dealing With Tough Negotiators - Starter Kit

Dealing With Tough Negotiators - Starter Kit

Includes: Facilitator Set, 6 Print Self Assessments, and 6 Print Participant Workbooks at a special price.

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Everything you need to get started with Dealing with Tough Negotiators, including a comprehensive facilitator guide and six print self assessments. Additional self assessments may be purchased separately.

Facilitator Guide contents:

  • Overview
  • The Dealing With Tough Negotiators Series
  • Using the Assessment and Workbook Together
  • Structure of the Self Assessment
  • Uses of the Dealing with Tough Negotiators Series
  • Background Information
  • Collaborative Negotiating
  • Tough Negotiators
  • Dealing with Tough Negotiators
  • Five Negotiating Skills
  • Maintaining Composure
  • Developing Data
  • Refocusing the Discussion
  • Being Creative
  • Handling Information Strategically
  • Administration Guidelines Overview
  • How to Score the Assessment
  • How to Chart Individual Results
  • The Dealing with Tough Negotiators Workbook
    -Part 1:  Collaborative Negotiation
    -Part 2: Descriptions of the Five Negotiating Skills
    -Part 3: Descriptions of the 15 Tough Negotiators
    -Part 4: Participant Workbooks
  • Guidelines for Using the Workbook
  • Training Design Development of Dealing with Tough Negotiators
  • Related Materials
  • About the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  • References
  • Sample Self Assessment and Workbook
  • Reproducible Handouts and PowerPoint Presentation

Self Assessment contents:

  • 30-item assessment with pressure-sensitive scoring
  • Interpretation Scoring Directions
  • Charting Directions
  • What Do Your Scores Mean?
  • Learning to Apply Your Skills

Workbook contents:

  • Collaborative Negotiation
  • The Tough Negotiator
  • The Ideal Negotiator
  • Descriptions of the Five Negotiating Skills
  • Descriptions of the Fifteen Tough Negotiators
  • Negotiation Worksheets

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