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Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA)

When bright people fail in the workplace, it’s usually caused by a lack of Emotional Intelligence (EI), the kind of "smarts" that enable us to make sound decisions, build relationships, and influence others. The Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment measures EI and social intelligence functioning and then helps individuals improve their skills.

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Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA)
by Wendy Gordin, Derek Mann, Peter Papagodiannis, and Steven Stein

The Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA) is a training tool that promotes individual and organizational success. Designed for management development training, the EISA measures adult emotional intelligence on five scales: perceiving, managing, decision making, achieving, and influencing. This emotional intelligence assessment can be used as a standalone training resource or powerful complement to address leadership development, team building, and communication effectiveness.

Going steps beyond traditional emotional intelligence assessments, the EISA combines a self-assessment with a workbook and workshop to quickly identify emotional intelligence levels and provide a framework for discussion and growth. From new hires to senior managers, this tool can help anyone develop their emotional intelligence and improve their performance. It's more than a measure of potential and performance; it's a tool for true personal development.

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