Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA) 360 Version Online Assessment Credit
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Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA) 360 Version Online Assessment Credit

Adds one credit to your Assessment Center Account. This credit will allow you to administer the Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment Online Multi-Rater Assessment to a participant of your choice, who can then invite an unlimited number of raters. You'll need to purchase one credit per participant.

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You will need to purchase 1 credit per individual participant. (Quantity discounts are available, starting at 50 units per purchase.) Purchase one credit per participant. Each credit includes the self-assessment, rater assessment, interpretive report, and the online participant workbook. Feedback from a minimum of three raters in each of the peer and direct report categories is required to generate a report. This limitation is in place to protect rater anonymity.

Assessment Contents:

  • The EISA Advantage
  • Using the EISA: 360
  • About the Scoring
  • Your EISA: 360 Results Summary
    • Areas of Greatest Consistency and Greatest Opportunity
    • Individual Factor Results
      • Perceiving
      • Managing
      • Decision Making
      • Achieving
      • Influencing
First time administering and online assessment? An HRDQ Assessment Center Account is required to purchase credits for groups of participants.
Please contact us to set up your account today. A one-time fee will be applied for account set-up. Click here or call 800-633-4533 to learn more about the HRDQ Assessment Center.

Not administering to a group? If you are a single user, or are purchasing for a single user, please click here for the self-study version of the assessment.

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