Excuses, Excuses: How to Overcome the Employee Blame Game
Free webinar from HRDQ Presented by Ken Phillips.

Excuses, Excuses: How to Overcome the Employee Blame Game

Join us for an in-demand webinar that?s specifically dedicated to overcoming the blame game employees tend to play during performance coaching meetings. Led by subject matter expert and author Ken Phillips, this hour-long session explores the different types of common excuses and offers effective techniques to quickly disarm employees and refocus their attention toward productive problem-solving discussions.

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Excuses, Excuses: How to Overcome the Employee Blame Game
Duration: 60 minutes
You?ve probably seen and heard it all?employees who point fingers, tell half truths, or refuse to take responsibility for their actions in an effort to avoid confronting a performance issue. Well, It's time to end the blame game once and for all. When it comes to effective coaching, the key is to disarm employees and redirect their attention to productive problem-solving meetings. And this webinar tells you exactly how to do it.
The third in a series of popular coaching performance webinars, Excuses, Excuses: How to Overcome the Employee Blame Game is an hour-long session dedicated to the topic of recognizing and overcoming employee excuses. Subject matter expert and author Ken Phillips explores four different types of excuses and offers strategies for handling them effectively and with skill.
What You Will Learn
  • How to begin a performance coaching discussion and keep it on track
  • Techniques that prevent employees from becoming defensive or withdrawn
  • The difference between debating with employees and responding empathetically
  • Four common types of excuses that'surface during coaching conversations
  • How to approach and overcome each type of excuse
  • Next steps and action plans that encourage improvement
About the Presenter
Ken Phillips
With more than 30 years of experience in the field of workplace learning and performance, Ken Phillips is an expert in the performance management, learning evaluation, and sales performance arenas. He is a frequent university presenter and speaker at ASTD and SHRM conferences. He has authored many learning instruments, including the bestselling Coaching Skills Inventory.
Aired on May 16 2012

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