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Flight From Savo Game

An exciting, hands-on adventure game. Participants gain first-hand experience in the fundamental supervisory skills of: Guiding the Work, Organizing the Work, Developing Your Staff, Managing Performance, and Managing Relations.

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Flight From Savo Game - 2nd Edition
by the HRDQ Development Team

Send supervisors on a memorable exploration of supervisory skills with Flight from Savo, HRDQ's exciting hands-on adventure game. Participants experience first-hand the fundamental supervisory skills presented in HRDQ's Supervisory Skills Questionnaire: guiding the work, organizing the work, developing your staff, managing performance, and managing relations.

The Scenario

On an expedition to study volcanoes, you and your group of scientists barely escape injury when your vintage World War II aircraft crashes on the remote island of Savo. The only way off the island is to construct a Stearman PT-13D plane from a cache of old parts discovered on the island. Can your supervisor get your group to build the escape plane in time - before the volcano erupts?

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