GO Team Module 15: Sharing Leadership
Includes downloadable files for the Facilitator Guide, Participant Guide, and a "fast start" podcast.

GO Team Module 15: Sharing Leadership

Level 3 - Module 15

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Level Three, Module 15
When it comes to team work, who takes the lead? The answer is, ?everyone!? A team is an incubator for leadership skills, and this fun, highly interactive module will give each team member a plan for developing their own unique leadership.
Take team training out of the lecture hall and place it at the front lines of the work. GO Team® is a powerful and flexible learning resource that employs a range of learning approaches that'supports all kinds of teams. As a result, teams are constantly engaged, constantly challenged, and always developing towards higher performance. Divided into 18, highly engaging modules, GO Team is your Swiss army knife of team development.
Delivered to you in a fully reproducible pdf file, each GO Team module includes the facilitator guide, a ?fast start? podcast, and participant guide so you will have the team training you need, whenever you need it. There is no ?correct? sequence to the modules so you can choose the topics right for your team, build your own training agenda, and print and facilitate whenever you need it!

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