GO Team Module 16: Sparking Team Creativity
Includes downloadable files for the Facilitator Guide and Participant Guide.

GO Team Module 16: Sparking Team Creativity

Level 3 - Module 16

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Your team is full of creative people. Don't believe it? Then work through this module as a team. You'll discover that creativity is not a magical thing reserved for a gifted few. Instead, it's a discipline and a process that any team can exercise at any time. Next time the team needs to generate new opportunities and new ways of thinking, make this module a part of the work agenda. You won't believe the creative brilliance that you produce!

Your team will:
  • Explore a disciplined process for exercising creative thinking (even if members don’t consider themselves "creative!")
  • Consider the different roles and individual strengths that different team members bring to the creative process.
  • Work through a four-part model that leads team members through the creative process – from defining an opportunity, to brainstorming creative solutions, to making plans for building the idea, and ultimately to ensuring its effective implementation.

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