GroupThink Index - Online Assessment
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GroupThink Index - Online Assessment

Adds one credit to your Assessment Center Account. This credit will allow you to distribute the Change Reaction Online Assessment to a participant of your choice. You'll need to purchase one credit per participant.

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Online Assessment

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The term "groupthink" has become a standard way of describing a special phenomenon that can and does occur in groups. If a group experiences groupthink, it has developed a set of shared perspectives that may be unrealistic but are strongly supported by the members of the group.

GroupThink Index (GTI) helps teams gauge the effectiveness of their decision making progress and catch hidden tendencies for team members to share the same perspective out of haste, laziness or self-satisfied goals. The GTI helps teams better understand in what areas of decision making they believe they may be participating in groupthink.

In this Online Assessment individuals first respond to an open-ended question that asks them to summarize their team’s last important meeting. They are then asked to rate their team against 40 statements with that'summary in mind. These responses are used to generate a feedback report, which begins with a presentation of scores, showing a rating for each of the eight decision making dimensions assessed in the GTI: Unanimity, Conforming, Stereotyping, Rationalizing, Moral Championing, Self-Censoring, and Invulnerability.

Purchase one or more units (1 per participant) to add credits to your portal account. Each credit enables one participant to take the GTI. If you add five or more participants into a single project, you also have the option to generate a team report free of charge. The team report aggregates individual scores and presents a picture of overall team performance. For details on accessing this report please call 800-633-4533.

The GTI is administered to team members through the HRDQ Assessment Center portal. (Quantity discounts are available, starting at 50 units per purchase.)

Call us at 800-633-4533 to open an HRDQ Assessment Center account. Please note there is a one-time set-up fee.

If you already have an account CLICK HERE to log in.

Online Team Assessment

Team members are presented with an inventory of 40 statements that assess a team's perceived decision-making effectiveness. A full-color, detailed report is delivered electronically to each participant. Group reports are accessed manually by the account administrator.


  • 40-item online inventory
  • Personalized, full-color report includes:
    • Symptoms of GroupThink
    • Team Members Must Become Critical Thinkers
    • Developing an Action Plan for Avoiding GroupThink

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