Guide for Novice Facilitators
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Guide for Novice Facilitators

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For a new facilitator, the first training session can be nerve-wracking and full of unforeseen challenges. You stand in front of a PowerPoint screen as chattering employees fill the room and settle in their seats. As they look up at you expectantly, you shuffle through your materials and hope the contents within will fill a 5-hour time block. The session unfolds and you'realize this is an apathetic group. The course you are facilitating relies on many interactive activities to teach the lessons. However, the group has gone silent, letting one participant do all of the talking. It becomes obvious to you that they do not want to learn and are not taking you seriously. How do you turn this situation around and get everyone to participate?
This guide is designed for people who will facilitate training or conduct any kind of learning session. In it you will find proven techniques for motivating and teaching employees, as well as helpful tips for overcoming facilitation anxieties and nightmares. It will help you develop engaging, interactive sessions and refine your facilitation skills so that you can tailor each session to the particular needs of each group.

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