Health and Safety Collection DVD

Health and Safety Collection DVD

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Health and Safety Collection (Includes 7 Separate Courses)

Keep your staff and your workplace safe with this essential collection. Save money by buying this collection that'shows you care about safety and compliance. This popular series of videos demonstrates techniques for dealing with common issues that affect the health and safety of your work force.

Key health and safety training points:

* Basic guidelines for every lift, including specialized and industrial loads
* Three techniques to manage stress (avoidance, short-circuiting, mitigation)
* The difference between good stress and bad stress
* Proper use of ladders, warning signs and mats to prevent against the most common disabling workplace injuries - slips and falls.
* Fire safety evacuation do's and don'ts
* The "Universal Standard" and PPE basics
* Meets new OSHA HCS (HazCom) guidelines covering GHS labels, SDSs and more

Reduce the number of injuries and raise awareness among your employees with this collection of safety videos.

This Health & Safety Collection Includes 7 Courses:

* HazMat: What You Need to Know
* Fire Safety & Evacuation
* Bloodborne Pathogens
* Preventing and Managing Stress
* Resisting the Flu
* Slips, Trips, & Falls
* Proper Lifting Techniques

Duration: 1 hour, 59 minutes (7 Courses)

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