Jungle Escape 5th Edition - Complete Kit

Jungle Escape 5th Edition - Complete Kit

Jungle Escape Complete Kit

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This team building game includes enough materials to train up to three teams of 5-6 people at one time. Many of the parts are reusable. Refill participant guides and additional helicopters are available for individual purchase. Quantity discounts are available.


  • Jungle Escape Facilitator Guide
  • Facilitator support materials (Downloadable File)
  • 18 participant guides
  • 3 sets of reusable helicopter parts
  • 1 helicopter to use as the Facilitator's model
  • 1 helicopter screen
  • 1 bag of assorted spare helicopter parts
  • 1 eco-friendly backpack?
  • 1 reusable water bottle
Facilitator Guide Table of Contents:

  1. Section 1: Getting Started
  2. Section 2: Theoretical Background
  3. Section 3: Workshop Guidelines
  4. Section 4: Facilitator support
  5. Section 5: Sample Participant Guides
  6. Section 6: Inter-team Version Guidelines

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