Leadership Effectiveness Profile - Self Assessment (Print Version)

Leadership Effectiveness Profile - Self Assessment (Print Version)


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This assessment is a 96 item, self-scoring assessment of these eight leadership competencies:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Contextual Thinking
  • Directional Clarity
  • Creative Assimilation/People Enablement
  • Reciprocal Communications
  • Change Orchestration
  • Drive/Persistence
Each leadership competency uses ratings of 12 behaviors to develop a dimension score. The booklet provides generalized conclusions for high scores in a competency. At the same time participants are encouraged to focus on those specific behaviors they rated lowest. Suggested actions are provided for low scores in each competency.
Participants plot their competency scores on a overall profile chart that visually displays their leadership effectiveness strengths and development needs. There is a personal action plan worksheet for individuals to record their development needs and outline development actions.

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