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Leadership Unlimited Profile

An eye-opening training package that serves as an "early warning" leadership development tool. It quickly identifies trouble spots and builds the skill sets leaders and managers need to stay on track, excel to the next level, and take charge of their careers.

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Leadership Unlimited Profile
by Roger R. Pearman, Marcus King, R. Daniel Parks, and Barry Phillips

There's no doubt that the leaders in your organization look great on paper. They've got degrees from leading universities, impeccable credentials, and they sailed through grueling interviews with flying colors. Yet research studies tell us that 40 percent of new leaders will fail within the first 18 months. And over time, that number spikes to well above 50 percent.

The good news is that leadership failure can not only be predicted - it can be prevented. That's because there are five red-flag behaviors that can send any leader’s career into a tailspin. Take action with the Leadership Unlimited Profile, the eye-opening assessment and workshop that helps managers and leaders at all levels quickly spot the early warning signs of leadership derailment, gain rapid insight to limit those behaviors, and learn how to take control of their development before it's too late. Based on 40 years of research, it provides specific feedback on the behaviors that can potentially limit effectiveness, including: organizing behavior, relationship behavior, learning initiatives behavior, emotional behavior, and career management behavior.

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