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Leading Through Transitions

This one- to two-day workshop provides supervisors, managers, and leaders with the skills they need to be confident and effective in the face of change.

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Leading Through Transitions
by Kerry Bunker and Michael Wakefield

Being a leader in today's ever-changing organizations can be a daunting task. Not only are they challenged with the structural side, they are also on the frontlines of the people part of change. From the expert minds at The Center for Creative Leadership, Leading Through Transitions is a comprehensive real-world training program that provides leaders with the skills - and the confidence - they need to be effective while facing unrelenting change. The one to two-day workshop explores the dynamic tension between six pairs of seemingly paradoxical leadership attributes:

  • Being tough while simultaneously expressing appropriate empathy
  • Catalyzing change while understanding transition
  • Expressing a sense of urgency while retaining the capacity for realistic patience
  • Being self-reliant yet trusting others
  • Radiating both optimism and realism
  • Capitalizing on strengths while fostering the capacity to go against the grain

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