Learning Style Questionnaire (HRD Press) Leaders Guide

Learning Style Questionnaire (HRD Press) Leaders Guide

Facilitator's Guide

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Learning Style Questionnaire provides the concepts and insight into adult learning that every trainer needs. Identify your employees' strengths and weaknesses in the ways in which they learn. Capitalize on their learning strengths and help them improve in their areas of weakness. The Learning Style Questionnaire measures a participant's preferred method of learning in four different learning styles:

  • Participating
  • Reflecting
  • Structuring
  • Experimenting
Each of the 20 questions asked in the questionnaire has four possible answers. Each of the answers represents one of four possible learning styles. By ranking the four possible answers according to his or her degree of preference, participants identify their preferred learning style. This also represents the particular stage (or stages) of the experiential learning cycle in which they prefer to operate.

An understanding of the different learning styles helps participants select the approach for specific learning situations that will yield the best results. With quick and easy administration (under 45 minutes), Learning Style Questionnaire is an essential resource for trainers and managers involved in adult learning. Also includes a PowerPoint slideshow.

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