Learning Styles Questionnaire - Starter Kit
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Learning Styles Questionnaire - Starter Kit

Includes: Facilitator Set, 6 Print Self Assessments, and 6 Workbooks at a special price.

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Please note: This product cannot be shipped to Australia, New Zealand, or the UK. 

Everything you need to get started with the Learning Styles Questionnaire, including a comprehensive Facilitator Guide and six print self assessments. Additional self assessments may be purchased separately.

Facilitator Guide contents:

  • The Influences on Effective Learning
  • Administering the Learning Styles Questionnaire
  • Learning Activities and Learning Styles
  • How the Facilitator Can Use Learning Styles
  • Helping to Create Personal Development Plans
  • People Who Help Development Designing
  • Learning to Learn Sessions
  • Learning About Yourself as a Facilitator
  • Norms and Other Statistics
  • Further Reading
  • Overhead Transparency Masters: tear-out pages from the back of the facilitator set that you can copy to create your own overhead materials
  • Sample Self Assessment
  • Capitalizing on Your Learning Style Article
  • CD-ROM including Reproducible Handouts and PowerPoint Presentation
Self Assessment contents:

  • Assessment with pressure-sensitive response form
  • Interpretive Guide Learning Style
  • General Descriptions
  • Scoring the Questionnaire
  • Plotting Your Scores
  • About the Authors
  • About HRDQ
Workbook Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Your Learning Styles Questionnaire Results
  • How to Choose Learning Activities That Suit Your Style
  • Making the Best Use of Your Learning Strengths
  • How to Improve Your Activist Style
  • How to Improve Your Reflector Style
  • How to Improve Your Theorist Style
  • How to Improve Your Pragmatist Style
  • Getting Help From Others
  • Keeping a Learning Log

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