Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory Facilitator Set

Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory Facilitator Set

LLCI Facilitator Set, sample Online Reports, sample Self Assessment, sample Participant Workbook, sample Wallet Card, one deck of Playing Cards, and downloadable Facilitator Support Materials.

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Includes LLCI Facilitator Set, sample online reports, sample self assessment, sample participant workbook, sample wallet card, one deck of playing cards, and downloadable facilitator support materials (will be added to your cart as a separate digital download product).

Table of Contents:

  1. Experiential Learning
  2. Introduction
  3. Getting the Most Out of this Workshop
  4. Learning Objectives
  5. Legacy Leadership Model
  6. The Legacy Leadership Best Practices
  7. The Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory
  8. How is the LLCI Administered?
  9. Validation of Legacy Leadership
  10. Statistical Reliability
  11. Facilitating the Legacy Leadership Workshop
  12. Appendix
  13. FAQs about the Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory
  14. References
  15. About the Authors
  16. About HRDQ
Also Includes:

  • Sample Online Reports
  • Sample Participant Workbook
  • Sample Wallet Card
  • Deck of Playing Cards

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