Legacy Leadership Competency - Online Assessment (Multi-Rater Credit)

Legacy Leadership Competency - Online Assessment (Multi-Rater Credit)

Adds one credit to your Assessment Center Account. This credit will allow you to distribute the Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory Online Multi-Rater Assessment to a participant of your choice (and to others for feedback). You'll need to purchase one credit per participant.

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Online Assessment

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Multi Rater Assessment for Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory (LLCI). Purchase one credit per participant. Each credit includes the self-assessment, rater assessment, and interpretive report. Feedback from a minimum of three raters in each of the peer, direct report, and other categories is required to generate a report. This limitation is in place to protect rater anonymity.

Assessment contents:

  • 53-item Multi-Rater Assessment
  • Participant Report
  • The Legacy Leadership Model
  • Legacy Leadership Summary
  • Plot of Your Raw Scores
  • Best Practice and Question Scores
  • What Are The Strengths That This Leader Holds?
  • What Behaviors Make This Leader Less Effective?
  • How Might This Leader Be More Effective?
  • Strength and Blind Spot Analysis for Direct Reports
  • Strength and Blind Spot Analysis for Peers
  • Strength and Blind Spot Analysis for Manager
  • Strength and Blind Spot Analysis for Others
  • Development Plan
First time administering and online assessment? An HRDQ Assessment Center Account is required to purchase credits for groups of participants. Please contact us to set up your account today. A one-time fee will be applied for account set-up. Click here or call 800-633-4533 to learn more about the HRDQ Assessment Center.

Not administering to a group? If you are a single user, or are purchasing for a single user, please click here for the self-study version of the assessment.

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