Mars Rover Challenge Deluxe Game Kit
Deluxe Game Kit

Mars Rover Challenge Deluxe Game Kit

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Mars Rover Challenge provides a powerful, unique hands-on experience that allows participants to connect with the concept of collaboration at a deep and personal level. Participants are immersed in a team construction activity, whereby they are tasked by the World Space Agency to build a prototype rover for traversing Mars' rocky terrain.

The Deluxe Game Kit brings you both versions of the game for a considerable saving on the individual price of either version. It includes all of the required components to facilitate both games, as well as an initial supply of workbooks for up to 36 participants - 18 for the leader version and 18 for the team version.

For sessions with more than three teams, you may order an extra team pack for either the leadership or teamwork version. All components except for the participant workbooks are reusable, although additional workbooks can be individually purchased, and quantity discounts are available.

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