Mars Rover Challenge - Info Kit

Mars Rover Challenge - Info Kit

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First developed by HRDQ in the 1990's, Mars Rover Challenge provides a hands-on experience illustrating the importance of facilitative leadership in the workplace. The third edition is thoroughly revised, updated, and repackaged in a fresh design, offering numerous improvements and additions to the previous edition.

We've drawn stronger parallels to the HRDQ Experiential Learning Model and created a more compelling scenario for the activity, incorporated multimedia into the accompanying PowerPoint slides and integrated richer reflection, discussion, and debrief activities into the core design.

Leadership Version
We mined contemporary literature on leadership and revised the Theory Background to focus on collaboration, which has replaced facilitation as the most effective approach when leading others. (The FREE Theory Background explores why collaboration is better suited for the complexity and swift pace of organizations today.) We updated the references that support the underlying research behind three prevailing leadership styles (Traditional, Passive, and Collaborative) and also presented new normative data for teams results in the activity.

Teamwork Version
In previous editions, the overarching goal of the activity was to illustrate how an effective team differs from a mere group of individuals. Building on this framework, the revised third edition introduces the more contemporary term silos as the antithesis to collaboration. We mined contemporary literature on teamwork and updated the references that support the underlying research behind the contrasting approaches of collaborative teamwork and the silo mentality.

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