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Mastering the Change Curve

Proactively managing organizational change can result in a corporate culture that is optimistic - fueled by empowered leadership and employees who feel valued and secure. Mastering the Change Curve will train your team to identify and understand the four phases of change.

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Learn more about HRDQ Onsite and Virtual TrainingMastering the Change Curve - Second Edition
by Dennis T. Jaffe, Ph.D., and Cynthia D. Scott, Ph.D.

Change is a part of everyday life. And if organizations want to remain competitive in the marketplace, they need to ensure their employees are equipped for the ride. That's why you need Mastering the Change Curve to help individuals, employees, and managers learn how to understand, accept, and move through each phase.

If the individuals in your organization are having a difficult time adapting and adjusting to organizational change, Mastering the Change Curve is your remedy. It's an easy and effective change management assessment guide for bringing issues to the surface, providing a framework for healthy growth, and empowering individuals to shift their focus from the past to the future - without stalling or spinning their wheels.

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