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Matrix Manager Inventory

With cross-functional, multi-functional, and virtual teams, today’s organizations are more complex than ever—and that means managers need a refined skill set to match. The Matrix Manager Inventory is a timely new assessment and training workshop that helps both new and seasoned managers to develop the capabilities and versatility they need to succeed in today’s interconnected and collaborative world.

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Matrix Manager Inventory
by James P. Eicher, MA, John E. Jones, Ph.D., and William L. Bearly, Ed.D.

Managing in today's complex environment is more challenging than ever. With multi-functional teams, virtual work environments, and dotted-line reporting relationships, the once "neat-and-tidy" hierarchical flowcharts we learned about in Management 101 are being replaced with what looks more like a spider's web or a matrix. And all of this makes the "simple" job of getting things done not so simple.

The trend toward matrix management has created the need for a new leadership skill set, one that helps managers to flex and shift their focus away from a traditional "command and control" approach to a more fluid and flexible “"influence and collaboration" strategy.

Introducing the Matrix Manager Inventory: Leading in a Collaborative Environment, the timely assessment and training program that's designed to help both new and seasoned managers to acquire and develop the ability to flex between "command and control" and "influence and collaborate" management.

The Matrix Manager Inventory training package offers a mix of self-assessment, workbook activities, and classroom workshop. Its primary audience is mid-level managers and project managers who need to manage globally dispersed teams. The Matrix Manager Inventory is also beneficial to executives, individual contributors, and consultants who need to perform successfully in global organizational environments.

With the Matrix Manager Inventory, your managers will become well-equipped to navigate the dynamics of matrix management, handle constant change with confidence, influence performance when there is no direct control, and achieve the results that drive organizational success.

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