Motivating Your Employees DVD

Motivating Your Employees DVD

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How to motivate employees: When employees feel appreciated, they are motivated to do more work—and do better work.

Research shows a direct correlation between recognition on the one hand, and productivity and retention on the other. Therefore, one of your most vital responsibilities as a manager is motivating your employees through consistent recognition.

This employee motivation video shows how recognition can help bring out the best in your staff, energizing employees toward greater accomplishments.

You'll learn how to implement four fundamental principles of motivation:

* Praise must be honest and authentic.
* Employee recognition should be specific and timely.
* Rewards are most motivating when tailored to the individual.
* Managers should highlight positive behavior when motivating employees, praising often and genuinely.

You'll also learn the importance of thinking about what exactly gets rewarded in your organization. Since you always get more of what you'recognize, It's good to ask yourself, "Is this the behavior or activity that I really want to motivate?" When the wrong things get recognized, employees can become confused and demoralized. This video encourages you to focus your time and energy on What's right within your workgroup.

Recognition can be a powerful business tool. When our efforts are recognized, we feel valued and our satisfaction grows. As our satisfaction increases, so does our loyalty, and our motivation. And one person at a time, we build a strong and vital organization.

Duration: 21 minutes

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