NegotiatingSuccess - Program Outline

NegotiatingSuccess - Program Outline

Program Outline

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Based on the well-known collaborative model of negotiating behavior, NegotiatingSuccess program takes the fear out of negotiating, helping individuals to prepare for negotiations, find creative solutions to tough problems, work through personal style differences, and build relationships with negotiating partners. For more information, click here.

Add this product to your cart to receive the FREE Program Outline. You'll receive a PDF download that includes the key learning goals covered in the program, as well as the agenda for the training session.

You'll also get the HRDQ Experiential Learning Model™, which shows our method of learning by doing. We understand that placing people in situations where they can both learn and practice new skills increases the likeliness of successfully transferring and adapting those skills to their workplace. It's all about the experience.
Looking for more help? We offer flexible implementation options to meet your needs and help you achieve your desired outcomes. If you're interested in a custom solution, on-site program facilitation, train-the-trainer, or performing a needs analysis, HRDQ Professional Services offer a suite of services that help increase training effectiveness, enhance training skills, and support organizational learning initiatives.

For a detailed look at this program and to discuss implementation options, contact Dennis Barr at 610-292-2638 or [email protected].

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