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Interpersonal Influence Inventory

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The Interpersonal Influence Inventory is a combination self-assessment and training workshop that has helped thousands of people identify their interpersonal influence style, learn how they come across to others, and work toward becoming more effective communicators.

Quick Details

    • Product type – Self Assessment and Workshop
    • Format – Online or Paper
    • Audience – Any
    • Time Required – Interpretation: 1 hour; Workshop: 2.5 hours
    • HRDQ Onsite & Virtual Delivery Available

The Interpersonal Influence Inventory is an eye-opening learning tool that reveals a preference for one of four dominant styles: openly aggressive behavior, concealed aggressive behavior, passive behavior, or assertive behavior.

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Learning Outcomes

    • Identify their preference for one of four personal influence styles: passive, assertive, openly aggressive, or concealed aggressive
    • Learn why assertive behavior is the one style that always yields positive results
    • Understand how other influence styles can hamper interpersonal communication
    • Discover the behavioral cues that signal each style

Author: Rollin Glaser [links to author page]

What to Order

Facilitator Guide: Includes background information, administrative guidelines, step-by-step workshop outline, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, and sample participant materials.

Print Participant Guide: Includes 1 print participant guide.

Online Assessment:
Includes a personalized interpretive report, "Interpersonal Influence Model," interpersonal influence profile, and reflection questions.

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