Onsite Training

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Don’t fret. We Got This.

HRDQ Onsite Training brings our expertise into your organization with tailored programs that are delivered both in the classroom and online. The demands of content creation and facilitation are our passion and we’ll bring them to you.
    • Are you tasked with getting a team in conflict back in harmony?
      We can solve that problem.
    • Trying to instill your employees with better communication skills?
      That’s one of our specialties.
    • Are your leaders ready for the challenges of managing today’s workforce?
      We can get them there.
HRDQ programs address leadership, team, communication, sales, and many more critical areas that organizations need help improving. Learning in a group environment increases participation and experience sharing, and provides an excellent team-building opportunity for your organization.

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Why Onsite Training?
    • Content tailored to your organization's specific policies and practices.
    • The ability to train from 5 to 5,000 employees at every level of your organization, without the cost of travel.
    • Outside subject matter expert trainers allow employees to be more open with questions than they might be with internal staff.
    • Engaging and dynamic presenter keeps your trainees focused, learning, and involved for maximum retention.
We also offer...

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You want to be prepared, whether you're a professional trainer, or someone who does some training as part of their job. We train skills such as facilitating, needs analyses, and managing tough topics to give your trainees what they require to become successful trainers.

Online Services ImageCoaching
There’s no doubt coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop employee potential. But now that managers have been given the responsibility to "coach", they need a fitness program of their own — and we've got the lineup you need. We can provide a coaching-skills workout that will show managers how to flex their coaching muscles, delegate with skill, implement development plans, and improve employee performance.

Design and Development ImageDesign & Development
When it comes to learning theory and instructional design, HRDQ's years of experience and industry reputation really pays off. If you need a proprietary learning program, our instructional designers have advanced degrees in learning fields and decades of real-world experience. We've experienced, researched, and developed hundreds of courses. The work we do provides our clients with deep, specialized expertise to deliver custom training and learning solutions, which translates your vision into true business performance.