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Today's workforce treasures experiences over goods, relevance and context over theory, involvement over lectures. HRDQ has been in the experiential workforce development business for over 40 years. We were experiences before experiences were cool.

How do you make 1 + 1 = much more than 2?
You harness the power of your teams. If Steve Jobs listened just to customer feedback, he'd invented a flip phone with a larger battery. Instead, he started a revolution. Look around you, how do the people on your team stretch beyond 1 + 1?

Experiences – teamwork is an experience.
Our trainers know how to craft experiences which lead to eye-opening moments where the team is not a collection of individuals, but a whole. Much better than the sum of its parts.

Relevance – Tired of assessments created before World War II?
We are too. That's why we created Personality Style at Work, a truly digital instrument which can never be on two-dimensional paper. After all, do you have any two-dimensional employees? Our products are designed for the workforce of today.

Context – We bring your work into the experience.
Our case studies are your case studies, with experience designed around solid learning principles.

Involvement – Everyone is involved in the experience.
That new arrival? They probably have a recent connection to your customer base. The overseas team member? They know customers from different cultures, perhaps emerging markets. The engineers? They know how to craft a product, if only others would help define requirements. Everyone together, everyone involved.


Here's a sample of the services we offer...

Onsite Facilitation ImageOnsite Facilitation
Whether you require a customized program, or would like the convenience of bringing a facilitator to your organization, we can do both. We will design a program curriculum to specifically meet your learning objectives, using scenarios and case studies that are applicable while tailoring the discussions to meet the education and experience level of the participants. In this setting, participants will gain the added advantage of learning with their peers while discussing situations that they may currently experience.

Onsite Consulting ImageTrain-the-Trainer
You want to be prepared, whether you’re a professional trainer, or you’re someone who does some training as part of their job. We will train your trainers skills such as facilitating, needs analyses, and managing tough topics to give your trainees what they require to become successful trainers.

Online Services ImageCoaching
Because your organization is unlike any other, HRDQ will customize the delivery process to meet your specific learning goals. We can also conduct in-depth planning meetings, one-to-one coaching sessions, and extensive follow-up studies to ensure that training is thorough and on-target – and that learning goals and results are achieved.

Design and Development ImageDesign & Development
When it comes to learning theory and instructional design, HRDQ's years of experience and industry reputation really pays off. If you need a proprietary learning program, our instructional designers have advanced degrees in learning fields and decades of real-world experience. We've experienced, researched, and developed hundreds of courses. The work we do provides our clients with deep, specialized expertise to deliver custom training and learning solutions, which translates your vision into true business performance.

We don't know how to build your product, we don't know how to deliver your service.
What we do know how to do is to drive your team to design and craft better products and services.
After all, that's why you hired them.

Let's get started.