Personal Style Inventory - Facilitator Set

Personal Style Inventory - Facilitator Set

Facilitator Set

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Includes one comprehensive Personal Style Inventory Facilitator Set. Order one per trainer.

Facilitator Set contents:
  • Personal Style Inventory Overview
  • Introduction
  • How to Administer the Personal Style Inventory
  • Using the PSI with Teams
  • About the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  • Experiential Learning Methodology
  • Theoretical Background
  • Dimensions of the Personal Style Inventory
  • Technical Development
  • Individual Personal Style Workshop At-A-Glance
  • Preparation Checklist
  • Facilitator Instructions for Individual Workshop
  • Team Style Workshop At-A-Glance
  • Facilitator Instructions for Team Workshop
  • Optional Activities
  • Alternative Training Designs
  • Blank Training Outline
  • Related Materials from HRDQ
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Training Evaluation
  • Overhead Transparency Masters: tear-out pages from the back of the facilitator set that you can copy to create your own overhead materials
  • Sample Self Assessment
  • CD-ROM including Reproducible Handouts and PowerPoint Presentation

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