Personal Style Inventory - Online Assessment Student Version
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Personal Style Inventory - Online Assessment Student Version

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Online Assessment contents:
  • Introduction
  • What Does the PSI Measure?
  • Your Personal Style
  • Sixteen Basic Personality Styles
  • The PSI Dimensions
  • The Sensing-Intuition Pair (S/N): How You Perceive the World
  • Strengths and Trouble Spots: Sensing/Intuition
  • The Thinking-Feeling Pair (T/F): How You Make Decisions
  • Strengths and Trouble Spots: Thinking/Feeling
  • The Judging-Perceiving Pair (J/P): Your Attitude Toward Life
  • Strengths and Trouble Spots: Judging/Perceiving
  • The Extraversion-Introversion Pair (E/I): How you Orient Yourself to the World
  • Strengths and Trouble Spots: Extroversion/Introversion
  • Some Questions to Help Deepen Your Analysis

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