Playing with Style Game
Playing with Style Game

Playing with Style Game

Complete kit trains up to 20 at one time. Includes facilitator guide, CD, reusable card deck, and scoring tablet packaged in tote box.

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Playing with Style Complete Game Kit
Everything you need to run a training session of up to 20 participants at one time. Includes:
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Downloadable file with reproducible content
  • One reusable deck of playing cards
  • One set of 4 label cards
  • One feedback tablet
  • Totebox
Facilitator Guide Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Before You Begin
  • Playing with Style Card Games
    • Game 1: Solo Style
    • Game 2: Speed
    • Game 3: Which Style?
    • Game 4: Quick>
    • Game 5: Personal Style Poker
    • Game 6: Grab It
    • Game 7: Bluff
    • Game 8: Auction Rummy
    • Game 9: Match
    • Game 10: Five Tricks
    • Bonus Game:>
  • What's On the CD?
Training a larger group? Additional card decks are sold separately.

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