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Problem Solving Style Inventory

Problem Solving Style Inventory (PSSI) is designed to help you understand and assess your own problem-solving and decision-making behavior when faced with difficult workplace situations. PSSI is an ideal tool for both self- and peer-evaluation.

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Problem Solving Style Inventory
by Kenneth Phillips

Resolving workplace challenges can be complicated even for an experienced supervisor. Managers must decide whether to engage employees to help fix the problem or come to a resolution on their own. While there's no single "ideal way" to solve problems, HRDQ's Problem Solving Style Inventory (PSSI) will help you to evaluate your most common problem-solving technique and explain the four key factors to consider when choosing a style to best fit the situation at hand. PSSI has both a self-evaluation and feedback component available to help supervisors, managers, and team leaders identify their dominant and supportive styles of decision making and problem solving within their work environment.

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