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Rainforest Game 2nd Edition

Working within teams is challenging enough. But what happens when cross-functional or virtual teams are asked to collaborate with one another? Rainforest is a hands-on game that allows teams to experience the challenge of working across boundaries – and what it means to work better together.

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The Rainforest Game - Second Edition
by Amy Judith Tananbaumextra game pack

Today's worker can be situated almost anywhere - in a satellite office, at home, or on-site in a client environment. In fact, the number of U.S. employees who claim to work remotely is four times greater today than in 1995 (Jones 2015). However, as the popularity of a dispersed workforce increases, so does the need to acquire and develop the skills necessary to navigate its unique challenges. Companies need to be equipped to cross geographical boundaries in order to share resources and ideas, to achieve success in today's global economy.

The Rainforest Game is designed to close that knowledge gap by giving individuals an opportunity to experience virtual leadership and collaboration across boundaries in an insightful, realistic hands-on simulation.


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