Reality-Based Leadership - Participant Workbook

Reality-Based Leadership - Participant Workbook

The participant workbook deepens understanding of the assessment results. It includes background information and theories about conflict, an explanation of the Reality-Based Leadership model, in-depth interpretive information, individual and group activities, and a personal development plan.

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This workbook provides exercises and information that walks participants through the stages of the workshop and imbues them with the values and techniques for being reality-based leaders. This workbook:

  • Is a companion to the Reality-Based Leadership Workshop
  • Helps participants understand the principles of Reality-Based Leadership and focus on five core competencies: reality-based thinking, organizational alignment, capitalizing on change, driving results, and accountability.
  • Conveys strategies for bolstering one's ability to lead grounded in reality
  • Enables participants to develop an action plan for leveraging leadership efforts to create an environment of peace, sanity, and results in the workplace
As a result of the sessions, and the guidance offered by the participant workbook, leaders will return to their workplaces equipped with a facts-based, confident approach, able to free themselves from the frustrations they face at work and transform themselves into a Reality-Based Leader, with the ability to liberate and inspire others.

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