Reproducible Simulations Library 28 Downloadable Simulations

Reproducible Simulations Library 28 Downloadable Simulations

This robust collection contains 28 simulations with rich content and templates for you to use "as-is", or tweak them to fit your training needs and learning objectives. The simulations cover a wide range of topics such as decision making, ethics, giving feedback, negotiation, sales skills, leadership, presentation skills, and more. Plus you'll find instructions on the essential steps to prepare, present, facilitate, and debrief the experiences for maximum learning!

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The Reproducible Simulations Library is a robust collection of 28 downloadable simulations on soft-skills topics. Topics covered include leadership, decision making, ethics, customer service, negotiation, giving feedback, sales skills, delegation, and more. Each simulation provides a specific scenario or context for the learner, making the exercises more meaningful.

The more training techniques are like the learner's everyday work experience, the more people are able to use what they learn on the job. Simulations are effective strategies for skill development, as it provides learners with the opportunity to try different approaches, encounter different outcomes, and learn what approaches are most effective.

The Reproducible Simulations Library gives participants the chance to "learn by doing." This helps learners more easily recognize the strengths and limits of their experience as it relates to their work environment. Learners are then better able to transfer what they’ve learned from the workshop to the workplace.


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