Reproducible Simulations Library 28 Downloadable Simulations Preview
Reproducible Simulations Library

Reproducible Simulations Library 28 Downloadable Simulations Preview

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Given the speed of business today, many organizations can no longer get by with a ?wait and see? approach toward employee development. A workforce of unprepared employees could very well be the difference-maker in your business flourishing or languishing.
that's why HRDQ?s Reproducible Simulations Library have proven to be such a valuable resource in employee development. Our 28 training simulations are fully customizable and designed to help your employees develop critical soft-skills on a spectrum of topics, from leadership to conflict management, presentations to sales.
When you place employees in a training simulation that closely mirrors their daily responsibilities, They're more likely to learn and apply those lessons while on the job. Once freed from the fear of real-world consequences, participants in our simulations feel safe and confident practicing and perfecting various scenarios They're bound to experience in the workplace. And since our simulations often involve more than one participant, they also help foster team building and comradery.
Included in our Reproducible Simulations Library is our Five-Step Simulation? guide. Aimed at both facilitators and participants, this guide acts as an introduction to the series and walks you through our five methods for successful simulations, which includes how to make scenarios believable, allow choices to influence outcomes, and keep the rules in the background. You?ll also get our Trainer?s Guide, which thoroughly explains how to incorporate our simulations into existing training programs at your company.
At HRDQ, we?re big believers in the ?learn by doing? philosophy, and nowhere is this better put in practice than our Reproducible Simulations Library. Our training simulation programs alleviate the stress, barrier to entry, and distractions of real-life jobs to become effective learning tools for people of all ages and skill levels. Each training simulation provides a specific scenario or context for the learner, making the exercises more meaningful. When finished, employees can then transfer the skills they?ve learned from the simulation over to the workplace.
Here's what you get:
  • Instant access to all 28 downloadable training simulations
  • Reproducible and customizable materials for both the facilitator and participant
  • Introductory guide to using the Five-Step Simulation? method
  • Trainer?s Guide for incorporating simulations into existing training programs, including e-learning
  • Conflict Management ? Dealing with Disrespect
  • Customer Service ? Fixing a Co-Worker?s Problem
  • Customer Service ? Handling a Difficult Customer
  • Decision Making ? Equipment Delays
  • Decision Making ? Breakfast Innovation
  • Delegation ? Choosing Tasks, Choosing Delegates
  • Delegation ? Following Up on a Delegated Task
  • Ethics ? Hiring with a Conflict of Interest
  • Ethics ? Handling the Pressure for Results
  • Giving Feedback ? Dealing with Distracting Behavior
  • Giving Feedback ? Mostly Positive, with One Correction
  • Giving Feedback ? The Reluctant Team Member
  • Giving Feedback ? A Safety Near Miss
  • Influence ? Winning a Seat at the Table
  • Leadership ? Inspiring Action in Tough Times
  • Leadership? Keeping Your Best Employees
  • Negotiation ? Working out a Major Service Contract
  • Performance Management ? Corrective Action
  • Performance Management ? Giving a ?Meets Expectations? Rating
  • Presentation Simulation Scenarios
  • Presentation Skills Simulation Model
  • Retail Sales Skills Simulation Model
  • Safety Simulation Model
  • Sales Skills ? B2B Services
  • Sales Skills ? Vacation Travel
  • Setting Expectations ? When Restructuring Changes the Job
  • Service Skills Simulation Model
  • Technical/Job Skills Simulation Model

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