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Sales Training Activity Collection

A thoughtful and engaging set of training activities that actually boost your skills.

Activity Collection available in Print and Digital formats.

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Sales training activities are essential for a productive sales team. There is much more to effective selling than just having a pitch and closing. With HRDQ's Sales Training Activity Collection, sales managers and trainers can help their employees develop better skills which will allow then to earn more wins.

This program addresses a full range of skill areas including:
  • Building rapport - Creating a connection between people
  • Improving communication - Developing a better way to work with others
  • Goal setting - Setting goals and a working on a plan to reach them
  • Achievement planning - Creating a plan for how to make achievements that lead to goals
  • Improving questioning techniques - Being able to ask better questions to the client to serve their needs
  • Priority setting - Knowing which is the most important task at hand every day
  • Analysis - Looking at one's work and analyzing what is working and what isn't
  • Developing persuasive and creative skills - Developing these skills helps with creative sales opportunities
  • Lateral thinking - Thinking with a creative approach to solving problems
  • Teamwork - Making a better effort to work as a team and focusing on team goals
  • Quick thinking - Doing on-the-spot thinking and decision making is crucial
  • Organizing - Keeping all task organized and documents sorted
  • Negotiating - Having conversations to come to an agreement
  • Identifying customer needs - Asking and knowing what a customer wants and delivering on it
  • Self-confidence and positive attitude - Gaining confidence and positivity will help close sales
  • Injecting dynamism into presentations - Being a dynamic presenter will make more of an impact

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