Sales Training Activity Collection - Digital Version

Sales Training Activity Collection - Digital Version

Digital Activity Collection

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Digital Download

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Includes the complete collection as a digital download in Adobe Acrobat PDF.
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Product Contents
  • Applications Reference Guide to pinpoint the best activities for training needs
  • Facilitator guidelines
  • Detailed preparation and debriefing information
  • Ideas for varying the activities
  • Discussion questions
  • Reproducible participant materials
Activities include:
ú A Close Resemblance
ú Acute Accuracy
ú Attending to Details
ú Body Talk
ú Box Score
ú Bumper Crop
ú Character Composition
ú Collective Connection
ú Country Time
ú Custom Made
ú Customer Account
ú Dig It
ú Double-Spaced
ú Eye Alone
ú Four to One
ú Guesstimation
ú Hidden Meaning
ú Hot Topics
ú In One Word
ú It All Adds Up
ú Make It Your Business
ú Matter of Choice
ú Mirror Image
ú Mystery Box
ú No Laughing Matter
ú Parallel Performance
ú Portraits
ú Post Office Box
ú Primary Colors
ú Questionable Events
ú Rate the R-A-T-E-R
ú Reporting for Duty
ú Rift Raft
ú Screen Test
ú Service Link
ú Service Search
ú Split Ends
ú Star Quality
ú Stormy Weather
ú Take a Letter
ú Talking Back
ú Thoroughly Complete
ú Toon-Up
ú Top to Bottom
ú Top Trade
ú Treasure Trove
ú Up in the Air
ú Very Wordy
ú Visible Outcomes
ú Wishful Thinking

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