SkillBuilders: 50 Communication Skills Activities - Digital Version

SkillBuilders: 50 Communication Skills Activities - Digital Version

Digital Activity Collection

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Product Contents
  • Facilitator guidelines
  • Applications Matrix to pinpoint the best activities for training needs
  • Reproducible participant materials
Activities include:
  • Communication Awareness
    • Get to Know Your Apple
    • Packaging is Important
    • Picture This
    • Walk the Talk
    • Role Models
    • Rotating Trio Exchange
  • Delivering Your Message
    • Assessing Your Speech Habits
    • It's How you Say It
    • Avoiding Killer Phrases
    • What Do You Mean?
    • Paper-Tearing Exercise
    • Jumbled Messages
    • Drawing Conclusions
  • Nonverbal Communication
    • At Arm?s Length
    • Reading People
    • Mixed Messages
    • Body Language
    • Active Observation
  • Communication Conflicts
    • Dealing with Conflicts
    • Distinguishing Behaviors
    • Preventing Conflict
    • Dealing with Difficult People
    • Applying Assertive Behavior
    • Expressing Different Viewpoints
  • Active Listening
    • How Well Do You Listen?
    • What Do You Know about Active Listening?
    • Rotating Trio Role Play
    • Listening for Key Points
    • Listening Types Card Match
    • Poor Listener on Trial
    • The Art of Asking Questions
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    • The Power of Feedback
    • Applying the Feedback Model
    • Describing Behavior
    • Using ?I? Statements
    • Feedback Criteria
    • Receiving Negative Feedback
  • Written Communication
    • Creating Sentence Variety
    • Eliminating Hackneyed Expressions
    • Writing Effective Memos
    • Writing Directions
    • Writing Customer-Focused Letters
    • Writing a Request Proposal
  • Presentation Skills
    • Assessing Your Presentation Style
    • Overcoming Stage Fright
    • Assessing Your Audience
    • Getting Your Audience?s Attention
    • Dealing with Semantics
    • Dealing with Difficult Audience Members
    • Thinking on Your Feet

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