Strike Fighter  - Theoretical Background
Strike Fighter - Theoretical Background

Strike Fighter - Theoretical Background

Theoretical Background

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Learning Outcomes
  • Practice the negotiation process and reflect upon their negotiating skills
  • Understand and explain the characteristics of the five main negotiating styles: Defeat, Withdraw, Accommodate, Compromise, and Collaborate
  • Reassess and improve upon their negotiating style
  • Create a personal action plan for improving their negotiating skills
Uses for the Simulation

Strike Fighter is effective as a stand-alone activity or as part of a more comprehensive training program. Here are some suggested applications for the simulation:
  • Introduction to the concept of collaborative negotiating
  • An experiential follow up to the Negotiating Style Profile assessment
  • Basic negotiating skills practice
  • Preparation exercise for sales people or purchasing agents
  • Team building activity for teams that need to collaborate

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