Supervisory Skills Questionnaire 4ed - Facilitator Set

Supervisory Skills Questionnaire 4ed - Facilitator Set

The Supervisory Skills Questionnaire Facilitator Set provides everything you need to prepare for and deliver a successful training experience. Extensively revised, reorganized, and in full color, the fourth edition facilitator guide includes updated references, improved statistical analysis, background information, step-by-step workshop guidelines, and skill development activities. The set also features sample participant materials, an HRDQue card, a reusable poster, and a USB flash drive containing facilitator support resources and a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

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Supervisory Skills Questionnaire is the tool you need to equip supervisors with the skills they need to tackle the everyday challenges they face in the workplace. A trainer favorite for more than 15 years, this combination assessment, workbook, and half-day workshop targets five vital skills that shape a supervisor's work life. When supervisors are able to master these skills, They're well-prepared to balance the goals of the organization with the demands of their employees. Order one facilitator set per trainer.

Fourth Edition Facilitator Guide contents:

  • Comprehensive background information
  • Instructions for administering the assessment
  • Step-by-step workshop guidelines
  • Skill practice and development activities
  • Sample Assessments
  • Paper self-assessment
  • Online self-assessment and report
  • Online self-assessment and self-study report
  • Online 180 degree assessment and report
  • Online 180 degree assessment and self-study report
  • Participant Workbook Reusable Wall Poster
  • HRDQue Card USB
  • Flash Drive
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
  • Facilitator support materials
Facilitator Guide Table of Contents:
  1. Getting Started
  2. Theory
  3. Background
  4. The Assessment
  5. The Workshop
  6. Preparation
  7. Workshop-at-a-Glance
  8. Module 1: Understanding the Supervisory Skills
  9. Module 2: Practicing the Supervisory Skills
  10. Module 3: Development Planning
  11. Module 4: Putting it All Together
  12. Appendix
  13. Sample Participant Materials

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