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Part of the HRDQ Team Adventure Series, Swamped introduces the concept of synergy and helps team members to develop vital group-process skills such as problem solving and decision making.

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by Rollin Glaser and Jim Roadcap

There's one reason why training simulations are a popular choice for team development training: they work. That's because they're an effective way to introduce the concept of synergy and help team members quickly develop vital group-process skills such as consensus decision making, problem solving, communication, and conflict resolution in a nonthreatening learning environment.

Each adventure simulation in HRDQ's Team Adventure Series starts with a suspense-filled scenario that challenges teams to work together to escape danger with only limited resources - and each other. While most people can rest assured knowing they'll never encounter these survival situations, they do experience the similar feelings of stress and conflict that accompany everyday organizational life.

The Swamped Scenario

Deep in the wilds of Northern Minnesota, a group of friends enjoys a serene paddle across a scenic lake. But on the second day of the trip, the weather turns stormy and dangerous. And before they can reach the shore, a strong wind gusts flips their canoes upside down. Everything - and everyone - is dumped into the water. Some items sink and others float away, including the paddles. With only 10 salvaged items, the group must work together as they struggle to survive on the deserted shores of Lake McEwen.

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