Team Effectiveness Profile - Online Assessment

Team Effectiveness Profile - Online Assessment

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Online Assessment

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TEP assists teams to identify potential blockages to performance by measuring the extent to which teams engage in five categories of team effectiveness:

  • Mission, Vision and Goals
  • Team Roles
  • Operating Processes
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Interteam Relationships
You can add any number of people (from a single team or business unit, for example) to a single assessment project. (Purchase one credit for each person.) Each person will receive their own, personalized report. Additionally, TEP offers the option of generating a group report, whereby individual results from one project are aggregated into a team or group score.

Comparing individual scores with the team profile is of particular benefit to a struggling or underperforming team. Individual contributors as well as team leaders can use the group profile along with the individual scores to identify gaps in how members of the team view performance. This can help isolate specific blockages on a team and open up a dialogue on what the team can do to move forward.

Order one Online Assessment per individual. This purchase adds a credit to your HRDQ Assessment Center account that allows you to administer the assessment to one person.

Call us at 800-633-4533 to open an HRDQ Assessment Center account. Please note there is a one-time set-up fee. Click here to learn more.

Online Team Assessment:

  • 50 Statement inventory
  • Personalized full color report
  • Interpretative Guide
  • Group discussion questions and activities
  • Action planning guide

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