The Answer Champ

The Answer Champ

The Answer Champ Powerpoint Game is a fantastic and fun way to review classroom questions for any teaching or training program.

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The Answer Champ Game
A fantastic way to review classroom questions for any training class or training program!
    • Get your participants fired up and compete with each other answering questions in a series of exciting play-off rounds.
    • Watch the excitement rise as each participant or team tries his/her best to advance to the final round & claim the title "Answer Champ".
    • Easily add your questions around your own training program and run the whole thing in Power Point.
    • Offer your class this exciting & engaging review challenge to end your next training program on a high note!
    • Instantly download and get this Power Point game specifically designed to be the grand finale of your training program.
Quick overview and some features:
    • The Game can be played by single player or teams.
    • Add key questions from your training materials. Adding questions is as simple as editing a Power Point slide. In fact this is exactly what you will do to enter questions and answers.
    • Just enter your questions, number of teams or players, and let game calculate and keep track of scores as teams compete and declare the winner.
    • You can add open ended questions, multiple choice and true/false review questions based on your training materials in a snap!
    • Once you set-up your questions, simply click a button to display a question, teams or players will vie to answer, the player or team that responds first gets to answer the question.
    • Easily create several different versions or new games based on class sizes, number of participants or training materials or topics you are teaching simply by using "Save-As" command to save the file under a different name just like any regular Power Point presentation.
Program Notes:
    • Upgraded to function in PowerPoint 2016 and all earlier versions (2010, 2013, 2016).
    • This game now has 32 bit as well as 64 bit compatibility.
    • Macro Signature Certificate accommodates both 32 and 64 bit versions of PowerPoint.

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