The Guest 2nd Edition - DVD (DS)

The Guest 2nd Edition - DVD (DS)

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The Guest 2nd Edition
Program length: 15:20

Treat your customers like a Guest in your home!

that's the message behind this hilarious, updated edition of Media Partners'>

The fortunes of any business rise and fall based upon the level of service it delivers to its customers. No matter how large or complex an organization may be, great service usually comes down to one employee, serving one guest, one day at a time.

The Guest training video is a brand new training comedy that will forever change the way your employees view their customers, their guests, by reminding them that everything we need to learn about delivering great customer service, they already know.

The Guest 2E - 15:20 minutes
What makes The Guest 2e video stand out from all other Customer Service training programs is its memorable approach to the simple yet profound message: treat your customers like guests in your home. Take a look at the updated remake and see why It's been a highly sought after best-selling show since it hit the market.

The Guest>
Our original version of The Guest is also included on the DVD for those who prefer the original award-winning video.

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