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What's My Leadership Style?

A leadership assessment that helps participants learn their style preference and how to adapt it to different situations.

An ideal learning tool for training anyone who needs to influence others towards achieving a goal.

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Learn more about HRDQ Onsite and Virtual TrainingWhat's My Leadership Style? - Third Edition
by Mary Blitzer Field

What's My Leadership Style? is a management development and leadership style assessment that identifies leadership style and helps organizational leaders, managers, and supervisors improve performance and become effective leaders.

Part of the best-selling HRDQ Style Series, What's My Leadership Style? is a validated assessment that quickly and accurately identifies a preference for one of four behavioral patterns based on measures of assertiveness and expressiveness: direct, spirited, considerate, or systematic.

With increased awareness of their personal style and a practical mental framework to build upon, aspiring leaders can assess and adjust their own actions, interpret the behavior of others, and improve their ability to win hearts and minds in any situation calling for effective leadership.

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