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What's My Selling Style?

Help your salespeople analyze how they typically behave in a sales situation, identify their customers' styles, and learn how to flex their own style to match their customer. With increased awareness and flexibility, salespeople can use style to maximize sales and rise above the competition.

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by Stephanie McBrier Hannett

What makes one salesperson successful and another unsuccessful? Popular books target characteristics such as ambition, initiative, self-confidence, tact... the list goes on. The common thread? Personality! Whether or not salespeople are aware of it, their personality shines through every interaction.

Salespeople who know their own personal selling style and are able to flex it to match their clients' personal style are more successful than those who don't. What's My Selling Style? is a quick and easy way for salespeople to identify personal style, pinpoint their clients' styles, and then make adjustments where necessary.

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