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What's My Team Member Style?

Helps individuals evaluate how they typically behave on a team and the results reveal their preference for one of 4 team member styles. With increased awareness, they are able to appreciate other team members' contributions and address differences proactively.

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by Kate Wartchow Earle

What's My Team Member Style? is a team building assessment that identifies team member personality style and develops the interpersonal skills needed for effective teamwork.

Easy to use and easy to apply, the assessment measures team member preferences for one or more basic behavioral styles: direct, spirited, considerate and systematic. What's My Team Member Style? also includes a feedback component that gives individuals a sense of how they are viewed by others. Combining the self-assessment with peer perceptions enables individuals to better understand their behavior, learn how to adapt it to improve interpersonal relationships, develop rapport, and, ultimately, become more effective team members.

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