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Training tools for developing great people skills.

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Teamwork Games & Corporate Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities and Games for Work

Our interactive team building games make learning fun, and are a powerful way to develop key skills to succeed in the workplace. These experiential teamwork games are the best catalyst for adult learning. Your audience won’t be sitting in their seats - they’ll be in action, on an out-of-the-ordinary adventure that promotes cooperation and competition.

Our corporate team building activities combine proven theory with hands-on experience to explore relevant topics such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and more.

Any team in any organization can benefit from the power of these team building games, so give your organization an edge over the competition:

  • The Rainforest Game - 2nd Edition The Rainforest Game - 2nd Edition
    Working within teams is challenging enough. But what happens when cross-functional or virtual teams are asked to collaborate with one another? The "us vs. them" mentality doesn’t work. The Rainforest Game - Second Edition is a hands-on game that allows teams to experience the challenge of working across boundaries – and what it means to work better together.
  • Mars Rover Challenge Mars Rover Challenge
    A hybrid game and workshop, the Mars Rover Challenge immerses participants in action-packed games that teach team building and leadership. A comprehensive kit with two standalone modules, the Mars Rover Challenge transforms your training room into a Rover development lab where your audience must design and develop a prototype for the World Space Agency
  • Choose Happiness at Work Choose Happiness at Work
    Grounded in solid science, Choose Happiness @ Work is an exciting card system designed to maximize team performance and employee engagement.
  • Bridging the Communication Divide Bridging the Communication Divide
    Bridging the Communication Divide is an experiential game that explores the impact personality style has on communication. These communication skills activities introduce a practical communication style model that helps people to make improvements to their communication skills.
  • Jungle Escape Game Jungle Escape Game
    Whisk your audience away from the traditional classroom with Jungle Escape, the high-energy team building game that’s been a bestseller and perennial favorite among trainers since it was first introduced more than 30 years ago. After surviving a crash landing in a jungle, teams are challenged to work together to build a make-shift helicopter with only limited parts—and each other. Along the way, they explore and practice critical group-process skills such as team planning, problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution.
  • Common Currency Game Common Currency Game
    Common Currency: The Cooperative Competition Game is a flexible, team-based activity that utilizes a wealth of interpersonal and group-process skills. We especially like using it as part of negotiating and strategic planning workshops, but it’s ideal for a wide array of training topics and teamwork games.
  • Communication Derailed Communication Derailed
    Learn how to overcome and move beyond difficult interpersonal and inter-team relations in the workplace. Communication Derailed is a high-energy simulation game that demonstrates the profound impact of poor communication and teaches the skills needed to communicate effectively.
  • Creating an Emotionally Intelligent World Creating an Emotionally Intelligent World
    A computer-based management development training game for teams. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to comprehend your emotions and manage them effectively. Creating an Emotionally Intelligent World is a new computer-driven training game that offers a fun, interactive way to learn about each of the five EI skills.
  • Customizable Training Games Customizable Training Games
    Available for immediate download, these PowerPoint®-based team building games feature one-click scoring, colorful graphics, and custom animations. Sound effects, custom graphics, and functionality are built in, so all you have to do is enter your questions and answers into the template slides, and you’re ready to go.
  • Do Your Best Do Your Best
    A fun spin on corporate team building activities, Do Your Best demonstrates the key principles of setting direction in an organization, group, or team. The activities provide a stimulating means of uncovering the crucial principles of setting mission, vision, and goals.
  • Flight From Savo Game Flight From Savo Game
    Send supervisors on a memorable exploration of supervisory skills with Flight from Savo, HRDQ’s exciting hands-on adventure game. Participants gain first-hand experience in the fundamental supervisory skills of: Guiding the Work, Organizing the Work, Developing Your Staff, Managing Performance, and Managing Relations.
  • Get Fit For Coaching Skill Practice Game Get Fit For Coaching Skill Practice Game
    Enhance your coaching training with Get Fit for Coaching – A Skill Practice Game. Based on the Get Fit for Coaching assessment, this fun and fast-paced game gives participants the opportunity to practice the five skills vital to effective coaching.
  • Junkyard Games Junkyard Games
    Junkyard Games is an exciting new training game from HRDQ that combines energy and fun with creativity and process improvement. Teams work together, plan, strategize, and execute their ideas to achieve a common goal – all while having fun in a learning safe environment. There isn’t any right or wrong, only learning from successes and mistakes.
  • Just My Type Game Just My Type Game
    Just My Type is a fun, revealing card game based on Jung’s theory of personality types. By trading and discussing cards and fashioning a hand that best captures their personality style, players learn about the various personality dimensions.
  • Leadership Metaphor Explorer Kit Leadership Metaphor Explorer Kit
    A dynamic training tool designed to stimulate wisdom and understanding about how leadership plays out in organizations.
  • Leadout: <em>An Experience in Leadership Simulation</em> Leadout: An Experience in Leadership Simulation
    Leadout: An Experience in Leadership is an intense and exciting simulation that uses a real-life business scenario to drive home the importance of core leadership and team behaviors. Rooted in the theories developed by top management experts, the challenge is to make quality decisions while confronting everyday organizational issues.
  • Maestro - The Team Performance Game Maestro - The Team Performance Game
    A team building training game for employee and management development, which aims to improve teamwork, team performance, team leadership, and problem solving skills.
  • Mars Surface Rover Game Mars Surface Rover Game
    Breathe new life into your training with two action-packed games that will send your audience on space-age adventures in team building and leadership. A comprehensive kit with two standalone modules, the Mars Surface Rover transforms your classroom into a top-secret development lab when your audience is challenged to design and develop a new prototype vehicle for NASA.
  • Playing with Style Playing with Style
    Personal style and how it relates to communication, leadership, performance improvement, and organizational teams is a frequent topic of today’s best-selling business and personal development books. But acquiring and mastering this knowledge can take years to understand and internalize through real-life experiences. This collection of card-based teamwork games improves the knowledge of personality style and interpersonal skills.
  • Rocket: The Project Management Game Rocket: The Project Management Game
    New from subject matter expert Lou Russell, Rocket: The Project Management Game is a competitive team simulation that emphasizes simple, fast, and flexible techniques for tackling everyday projects successfully.
  • Strike Fighter Strike Fighter
    Before the people in your organization attempt to maneuver through real-world negotiations, give them the opportunity to practice their skills in the safety of the classroom with Strike Fighter, HRDQ’s new action-packed training simulation that teaches a solid start-to-finish strategy.
  • StylePlay StylePlay
    Add excitement and impact to your style training with StylePlay - 12 Group Card Games. These quick, energizing games reinforce learning and build awareness in a fun, nonthreatening manner. Each of the games allows participants to identify and better understand their preferred styles.
  • Tall Ships Tall Ships
    The Seven C’s of Effective Team Performance are realistically demonstrated in HRDQ’s Tall Ships simulation game. Develop high-performing teams and increase overall success by focusing on improving in these seven critical areas.
  • The Values Edge System The Values Edge System
    The Values Edge System: An Exercise in Personal and Team Discovery is a powerful training tool that clarifies personal values, enhances relationships, strengthens team performance, renews organizational culture, and inspires innovation. Based on more than 20 years of experiential research, this training exercise makes making sense of values simple by putting them on the table, literally.
  • Visual Explorer Visual Explorer
    Developed by the Center for Creative Leadership, Visual Explorer is a powerful training tool designed to encourage collaborative conversations and useful dialogue in a safe learning environment. This innovative game uses a series of diverse images to create a visual vocabulary that helps people to express themselves through the use of metaphors, intuition, and emotion.
  • VisualsSpeak VisualsSpeak
    VisualsSpeak is an effective communication and team training game for management development training. Visual communication tools and images surface team differences, improve group and team interaction, establish rapport, and encourage dialogue.
  • What Would You Do? What Would You Do?
    Explore the concepts of teamwork and ethical decision making with What Would You Do?, an interactive game that uses eight moral dilemmas to teach these concepts and illustrate the impact that one’s decisions have on teams and the organization.