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HRDQ Style Series

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Understand Personality Styles and Types for Greater Career Success

HRDQ Services HRDQ Services

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The HRDQ Style Series is a full line of easy-to-use personality style assessment solutions that shed light on key aspects of organizational life, from communication and leadership to team building, sales, time management, coaching, and more. The Style Series is an excellent way to introduce personality style assessment to help others understand why people act the way they do.

Your audience will discover things they never knew about themselves; and they can use the information from the personality style assessment to improve their performance, build rapport with others, and achieve greater success on the job.

Personality plays an important role in all facets of organizational life. It determines how people communicate, act as leaders, and get along with others. It also drives career choices, performance track records, and organizational culture.

Personality Style Assessments & Communication Style Model

  • Identifies personality style quickly and accurately
  • Enables individuals to see the impact of personality in the workplace
  • Helps people to better understand the behavior of others
  • Provides the skills to improve interpersonal relationships and performance
  • Facilitates improvements to communication, team work, leadership, and more!
  • Personality Style at Work Personality Style at Work
    Learn how to turn your personality into a competitive advantage with the help of Personality at Work, the new go-to guide that shows you how to quickly and accurately identify your personality style, decode the behavior of others, and spot different personalities. And that’s not all. This book also clues you in on how to effectively flex and tweak the way you communicate, your language, body gestures, and physical space to create a better match when a natural “fit” just isn’t there—with just about anyone or in any situation.
  • Personality Style for Dummies Personality Style for Dummies
    Part of the bestselling HRDQ Style Series, Personality Style for Dummies is a great way to get a grasp on personality style. This handy reference guide introduces the four personality styles, and illustrates how they apply to a wide range of organizational situations.
  • Style Series Guide Style Series Guide
    This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the HRDQ Style Series.
  • What's My Communication Style? What's My Communication Style?
    Uncover preferred styles of verbal and nonverbal communication with the fast and fun What's My Communication Style?. Using a 24-item inventory, participants will learn their preference for one of 4 communication styles, recognize the various facets of communication, and learn how to use their own style to enhance communication.
  • Bridging the Communication Divide Bridging the Communication Divide
    Bridging the Communication Divide is an experiential game that explores the impact personality style has on communication. These communication skills activities introduce a practical communication style model that helps people to make improvements to their communication skills
  • What's My Coaching Style? What's My Coaching Style?
    Understanding personal style is the first step to developing successful coaching relationships. By responding to the 18-item What's My Coaching Style? inventory and receiving feedback from coachees, participants identify their personal style and build an understanding of the people they coach.
  • What's My Leadership Style? What's My Leadership Style?
    What's My Leadership Style helps participants learn their preference for one of four styles and find out how to adapt each style to different situations. Ideal for training anyone who needs to influence others towards achieving a goal.
  • What's My Learning Style? What's My Learning Style?
    Discover how to approach all types of learning in a comfortable way with What's My Learning Style? Participants identify a preference for one of 4 styles. The instrument presents both positive and negative aspects of each style, enabling individuals to use this knowledge to create greater success in learning.
  • What's My Selling Style? What's My Selling Style?
    What's My Selling Style? helps salespeople analyze how they typically behave in a sales situation, identify their customers' styles, and learn how to flex their own style to match their customer. With increased awareness and flexibility, salespeople can use style to maximize sales and rise above the competition.
  • What's My Style? What's My Style?
    By responding to a simple 18-item inventory, participants will learn their preference for one of four basic behavioral styles, how a preferred style affects behavior, and how to capitalize on strengths/combat weaknesses to create greater success in their lives.
  • What's My Team Member Style? What's My Team Member Style?
    The 18-item assessment helps individuals evaluate how they typically behave on a team and the results reveal their preference for one of 4 team member styles. With increased awareness, they are able to appreciate other team members' contributions and address differences proactively.
  • What's My Time Style? What's My Time Style?
    While traditional time-management systems take a one-size-fits-all approach, What's My Time Style? helps people identify their own personal time style and learn how to make that style work for them rather than against them.
  • Personality Style Toolkit Personality Style Toolkit
    The Personality Style Toolkit drives home the key learning points of the HRDQ Style Series assessments. This collection of 20 fast and fun training activities illustrates how personality style impacts key skills such team building, communication, coaching, sales, and time management.
  • HRDQ Style Blinkies HRDQ Style Blinkies
    People will "walk the talk" when they wear these fun buttons. HRDQ Style Blinkies are a fun and flashy takeaway for anyone who has completed an HRDQ Style Series assessment, such as the best-selling What's My Communication Style? and What's My Leadership Style?
  • Playing with Style Playing with Style
    Personal style and how it relates to communication, leadership, performance improvement, and organizational teams is a frequent topic of today’s best-selling business and personal development books. But acquiring and mastering this knowledge can take years to understand and internalize through real-life experiences alone.
  • StylePlay StylePlay
    Add excitement and impact to your style training with StylePlay - 12 Group Card Games. These quick, energizing games reinforce learning and build awareness in a fun, nonthreatening manner. Each of the games allows participants to identify and better understand their preferred styles.